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We are transferring our domain and web site over the next 2 months, so please bear with us. The domain address will remain the same for now. Stay tuned! The new site will be easier to navigate and be separated into the farm and the bed and breakfast. It should be up and running by Valentine's Day.

New PROJECTS, YAY!  We are hoping to install new fencing to make it easy to come and go for you, and if all goes well to install a year round outdoor wood fired hot tub. Nice!

 Yes, we can. 

We can rent the house on a day to day basis for $375.00 per day. There are 5 beds, plus a cot, so 6 singles can sleep sharing the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, or 4 couples and 2 kids. This offer does not include meals, but we are now licensed to serve all meals. Gourmet breakfast is served between 8 and 9 am or choose a continental 'grab and go breakfast'. Packed lunches are available or order ahead for a sit down hot or cold meal. Baking can be ordered and is made in house as well. Morning coffee is complimentary. Corporate meetings requiring catered lunches, dinners or breakfasts or just morning or afternoon coffee and baked goods can be ordered now as well. Our comfort capacity for meetings is 8-10, with 12 being a maximum.

Dinners must be ordered a day in advance and are served at 7 pm. We are not licensed to serve alcohol and guests are asked to observe our no alcohol request.  For weddings or parties a liquor license must be obtained by the patron and a bartender with a license must be employed. 

 Breakfast $18.00

 Lunch       $20.00  Bagged $15.00

 Dinner      $30.00 (meal and beverage)  or $48.00   (soup and/or salad, 2 beverages, main course and dessert) Gratuity included

Thank ewe for considering The Fat Ewe! 

Dreams do come true! 

and then there is the farm... 

 As I neared retirement, I began to wonder what my life would look like. I reviewed times when I was the happiest and when I was the most stressed. Hands down, being on my little hobby farm, running the fields with the dogs, pigs and horses, watching the morning mist as it disappeared in the warm sunshine...yes, that was the it. I was happiest as a farmer. I also love interacting with people and had always wanted a bed and breakfast. So when people are thinking of warm beaches and leisurely living, I was thinking of creating a place where living was simple, just the land and the animals and me, and my guests to share in my paradise. 

I found a little bit of paradise (in my eyes) in Elk Point, Alberta and bought a quarter section, 100 acres of wonderful forest complete with moose, deer and porcupines and 60 acres of pasture. The pasture is where I plan to begin my apple orchard. Yes, apples do grow in Alberta. As a matter of fact about 30 varieties seem to do pretty well and I will plant them all and assess which ones to continue with for an apple orchard. At first the organic apples will be used as fresh fruit, then as frozen pies and finally as apple cider, the booze kind. Who does not like an apple cider in a hot day? My first attempt at apples failed and the trees died over winter. I will try again next year. 

To help me with the work I would need some friends so I bought 2 purebred registered Canadian mares with foals, a colt (Wahkan, now a yearling gelding) and a filly (Willa). Penny  foaled again in May and they will both be bred to foal in May 2011. This will be the beginning of my Canadian herd. Of course,they will have to pull the sleigh in the winter and log in the summer,not just play all day. The mares were sold, Wahkan was gifted, the colt traded and now Willa and her boy, a young gelding named Zeb, live at the farm.

The resident sheep will also have to earn their keep, some by providing milk to make delicious cheese and others by providing wool. Karakul, Icelandics and Jacobs are very hardy and have lovely wool for spinning and felting too. We are adding two Est'a Laine Merinos for wool and 3 Cotswolds for wool and meat. 

  Pygmy  and Nigerian Dwarf goats will offer excellent milk for The Fat Ewe's soon to be famous sheep cheese. They are so cute and comical with their play head butts and the way they speak to each other. 

The Kahki Campbell and Rouen ducks  will provide the farm with plenty of fresh eggs. There are several  hens for chicken eggs, though my own eggs cannot be served at the B & B due to government regulations. Saxony ducks have joined the farm for rost duck. Yum.

Of course where there are flocks there are dogs.   Robbie, the crazy border collie will be roaming the ponderosa. Harley, a 2 1/2 year old Maremma and Ofcharka, the  livestock guardian puppy, along with Jenna and Jade (the new Maremma puppies) are the guardians, though  Robbie  has become a great sky watcher as well.

Many of the value added products from the farm will become available for purchase. Felted wool rugs, vests and hats, knitted blankets and shawls, yarn roving, quilts, pillows, soap, lotions and herbal skin care, aromatherapy and essential oils, Baba's bread and pickles, and of course breeding stock are some of the offerings to come.

This is going to be fun! 



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Ladies PJ Party for Eight Just $99.00 per person per night plus GST

Book your PJ Party Early to ensure your time is available. 

The PJ Party includes accomodations for up to 8 ladies, complimentary robes and slippers, gift baskets for each guest, comfortable beds wtih quality linens and bedding, two lounge areas, board games, darts, walking trails, and breakfast for each day of the venture. If you want a quiet retreat to reconnect with old friends, this is the place. The tall trees, rushing brook, meadows and valley, chirping of song birds and the farm animals create a tranquil pastoral scene perfect for relaxation and renewal. Bring your study materials, fortune tellers or old videos, whatever you wish.

See you there!

Couples Retreat

Do you need a quiet place to get together with old friends and spend time with your signifcant other? We can accommodate four couples for a private retreat of relaxation, reconnection and sharing the love. Without television or internet, the real interaction begins. We offer clean and comfortable beds, quality linens, an extensive library of self help materials, the option of light massage, candle light baths, robes and slippers and gift baskets for each couple. Why not take a weekend off and relax in the country, walk the nature trails, visit the beaver pond, commune with the farm animals, and spend that much needed down time with your partner? Book early to ensure your date is available. 

Corporate Meeting and Guest Rooms

Book the guest house for a meeting? Sure!

Out of town corporate guests are always welcome at The Fat Ewe Farm. We can sleep 8 in shared accomodations or have three private bedrooms and two baths. Perhaps those who traveled a distance can enjoy the quiet comforts of the guest house and meet with the clients during the day in the house. How convenient and easy is that? Corporate guests are treated to complimentary gourment breakfasts, robes and slippers for their use while visiting us, clean and comfortable beds and quality linens, authentic vintage antique furnishings and soothing quarters, walking trails, tennis or badminton, board games and darts, and the option of booking a light massage for special relaxation. 

The rooms are based on a per person occupancy. The house can be booked for functions during the day. Please call or email for details. We look forward to having you as our guests on the Fat Ewe Farm!

Private Functions: Weddings, Funerals, Adult Birthday Parties, Anniversaries

The Guest House can be booked during the day for small private functions. Food must be catered and brought in as we do not have a catering license, but there is plenty of outdoor space for wonderful country get togethers and the house is available as well. The comfort capacity of the house would be 20-30 guests. Janitorial must be provided by the client or can be arranged by The Fat Ewe. A damage deposit is required and loss or damage will be charged to the client responsible for booking the facility. 

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Honeymoon Gift Basket

We are thrilled that you have chosen The Fat Ewe for your honeymoon stay! To honour your union, The Fat Ewe will present you with a complimentary gift basket as a present for your marriage. Gift baskets may change with seasons, but  some offerings may be: home made organic soap, some organic massage oil, essential oil for scenting the massage oil if you wish or for adding to the bath or the oil burner, some bath salts, snacks and beverages. Thank ewe for sharing your wedding night with us. Blessings!

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