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Sales Animals

All animals are sold in healthy condition. Please do not breed those not intended for breeding. Choose a better conformed animal if that is your intention. Good genes are something important to pass on and bad genes weaken the breed. Once the animals leave the premises we are no longer responsible for their condition. On a very very rare occasion, the stress of moving can cause an animal to fail. Although this has never happened to any of our stock, we are aware this is a possibility and we do not assume responsibility for the loss, sorry. We do love to hear from you and know how our animals are doing, plus pictures are always a pleasure, especially with you in them. Thank you for considering stock from the Fat Ewe Farm. 

Due to biosecurity reasons, once an animal leaves the farm, we cannot take it back. Thank you for your understanding in this matter and keeping our herds safe.  

Bed and Breakfast, Bale?

We know you will love staying with us. If we have disappointed you in any way, please tell us so we can correct that. If you are not satisfied, we want to make it so you are. By letting us know right away, the issue can be addressed and hopefully you will enjoy your time with us as it should be. Perfect! Barking dogs are part of a farm. They work at night to keep the animals and humans safe from predators and I must say, I am never afraid to go outside. But, if they bother you, they can be restrained to an area away from the B & B or kept inside, though they cannot do their jobs then. The B & B is quiet,and  has no windows on the north side where the animals are. We want you to be rested. Let us know what you need and we will try to fulfill your desires. 
Thank ewe.


Breeding Stock

Our livestock are our friends. Please ensure that the animal(s) you are purchasing are the ones you want. We know you will be as pleased with our babies as we are. 


We do not accept returns on the livestock.  


Farm Store

The essential oils, soaps, lotions and cosmetics are made naturally, without preservatives. They do not last forever and are subject to moulding if left on the counter without the lid on or if you dip your fingers directly into the products. For best results, store products away from direct light at room temperature and use a spatula instead of your hands. Discard the product after the expiry date or if you notice any changes in it. Test for allergies prior to purchasing by sampling. If you are ordering online, please  note that returns are not accepted. We package with the utmost care and know our products will arrive in pristine condition.                                                                             

We do not accept returns on our natural products.


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Ladies PJ Party for Eight Just $99.00 per person per night plus GST

Book your PJ Party Early to ensure your time is available. 

The PJ Party includes accomodations for up to 8 ladies, complimentary robes and slippers, gift baskets for each guest, comfortable beds wtih quality linens and bedding, two lounge areas, board games, darts, walking trails, and breakfast for each day of the venture. If you want a quiet retreat to reconnect with old friends, this is the place. The tall trees, rushing brook, meadows and valley, chirping of song birds and the farm animals create a tranquil pastoral scene perfect for relaxation and renewal. Bring your study materials, fortune tellers or old videos, whatever you wish.

See you there!

Couples Retreat

Do you need a quiet place to get together with old friends and spend time with your signifcant other? We can accommodate four couples for a private retreat of relaxation, reconnection and sharing the love. Without television or internet, the real interaction begins. We offer clean and comfortable beds, quality linens, an extensive library of self help materials, the option of light massage, candle light baths, robes and slippers and gift baskets for each couple. Why not take a weekend off and relax in the country, walk the nature trails, visit the beaver pond, commune with the farm animals, and spend that much needed down time with your partner? Book early to ensure your date is available. 

Corporate Meeting and Guest Rooms

Book the guest house for a meeting? Sure!

Out of town corporate guests are always welcome at The Fat Ewe Farm. We can sleep 8 in shared accomodations or have three private bedrooms and two baths. Perhaps those who traveled a distance can enjoy the quiet comforts of the guest house and meet with the clients during the day in the house. How convenient and easy is that? Corporate guests are treated to complimentary gourment breakfasts, robes and slippers for their use while visiting us, clean and comfortable beds and quality linens, authentic vintage antique furnishings and soothing quarters, walking trails, tennis or badminton, board games and darts, and the option of booking a light massage for special relaxation. 

The rooms are based on a per person occupancy. The house can be booked for functions during the day. Please call or email for details. We look forward to having you as our guests on the Fat Ewe Farm!

Private Functions: Weddings, Funerals, Adult Birthday Parties, Anniversaries

The Guest House can be booked during the day for small private functions. Food must be catered and brought in as we do not have a catering license, but there is plenty of outdoor space for wonderful country get togethers and the house is available as well. The comfort capacity of the house would be 20-30 guests. Janitorial must be provided by the client or can be arranged by The Fat Ewe. A damage deposit is required and loss or damage will be charged to the client responsible for booking the facility. 

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Honeymoon Gift Basket

We are thrilled that you have chosen The Fat Ewe for your honeymoon stay! To honour your union, The Fat Ewe will present you with a complimentary gift basket as a present for your marriage. Gift baskets may change with seasons, but  some offerings may be: home made organic soap, some organic massage oil, essential oil for scenting the massage oil if you wish or for adding to the bath or the oil burner, some bath salts, snacks and beverages. Thank ewe for sharing your wedding night with us. Blessings!

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