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Sales Policy

 We want to make ewe happy, but we also have a farm to run so...

A nonrefundable deposit of 50% is required. If an animal is not picked up on the agreed date, a boarding fee of $1.00 per day for chickens and ducks (per bird) and $2.00 a day for all other animals will be charged. After 30 days, the animal will be considered for sale and the previous sales agreement will be voided. 




EWE $350  EWE LAMBS $300 EACH 

Leroy, the Pygmy Billy  SOLD FOR SPECIAL DINNER

Leroy is almost 2 years old. He is a great proven breeder, but has bred all my does and I do not want him to breed the daughters. His kids are very small and typically squat as a good Pygmy should be. His last 2 sires were twins, male and female. Leroy was hand raised and is fairly tame, but he is a billy and acts like one. He does not butt humans, but can get into it with another billy or ram when they are near his girls. Leroy is $200.00. 

Sonia, Bred Berkshire Sow , SOLD 

Sonia had 15 piglets with her first litter. She was born on the farm and is a good piggie. I have decided to keep only one boar and one sow though, so I am going to let her go to a good home. Sonia is $550.00 bred. What a deal! at $100 per piglet, if she has 15, you will pay for her three times over. 

Five East Friesian Ewes SOLD, Congratulations to 7 Pillars Ranch, Alberta

The ewes are 2 and 3 years old, at least 7/8 pure but not registered, and available in mid June. They will just have been freshened and will be able to be milked. East Friesian sheep are world renown for their sheep milk, friendly natures and multiple births. There are 3 black and 4 white ewes. Even a percentage of East Friesian in a mixed flock will increase milkiness and births per ewe, two excellent reasons to add them. I have just too many sheep and have decided to keep with Jacobs, Karakuls and Icelandics in small numbers. East Friesian meat is tasty and the ewe are between 150 and 200 pounds at maturity. $325 each or 5 for $1500.

SOLD! Small Flock of Registered Purebred Shetland Sheep

Five ewes and two rams for sale. Ewes are $300 and the Rams are $350 and $300. All for $2000.00. The flock is available in mid June. 

Terry  Sold! Congratulations Arlene Flynn

Terry is a high percentage boer goat not quite a year old. She is typical for a boer and is hand raised and very tame. My pygmy goats push her around for some reason and she is always hiding ,which is not fair. Terry should go to a new home where she can be herself. She is most likely bred. Terry is $250.00. 

 A Little Ewe . Sold! Congratulations Arlene Flynn

Fay was born on January 14th, 2012, the eve or Ukrainian New Year's, so she is a new year's baby. She is swift and feisty and so cute. Her mother is a white karakul sheep and her father is a Shetland, both parents purebred and registered. She will make an excellent pet lamb or a breeding ewe if a terminal sire is used, such as a Dorper, for lamb meat. Fay is available at weaning for only $150.00. 

Vikie and Wisette, Les Vaches Canadiennes

Oh these girls are feisty and cute with their red curls and soft eyes. Wisette is a little younger and smaller and looks to Vickie for direction, but both girls can be handled and petted and will come when they are called.When they first arrived on the farm, they would run and jump for the sheer pleasure of being able to do so, since they spent their entire lives tied in a dairy stall. To these cows it must have felt as though they were in Heaven!

SOLD! Congratulations to Eliza Mitchell of Mare's Creek Ranch

If they have female babies, they will be our newest additions in the summer!

Dandy Reine, broodmare

Dandy is a typical old style Canadian, pure black and beautiful. She has a filly from last year, Willa, sired by Willow View Dawn Jordin from the Ferme des Berges in Ontario. PLEASE CONTACT FOR PRICE .CLICK HERE FOR PEDIGREE



Dandy and Penny are sold to Mira Tardis, congratulations!

I will miss the girls immensely but they will be well loved with Mira. 

Too Many Horses!

In Alberta the cost of keeping one horse is just over a thousand dollars per year, that is if all goes well and no vet fees are incurred. I will have 8 horses in May when the foals arrive and that means I need 8 thousand dollars next year to keep them. Considering that they do not sell for much in Alberta, basically the price of meat, then they are not a good farming decision. However; I would still like to keep two. I really Ty, the stallion and have made a decision to have him gelded next week. I think he would have great babies, but it is kind of like dogs and cats...the world has enough horses, even though Canadians are much more rare than common breeds. 

So off with his...Oh Poor Ty. But the colt will be gelded at the same time and the two can suffer together. I found a farrier who does the horses on a hydraulic table, which is quick, painless and easy for him and the horse. The thing is, the horses have to be transported there, an hour away, and back and that is a minimum of a hundred dollars each way. The farrier, whose name is Allan, might take a horse in trade for the work and also might be interested in purchasing the two year olds, though for a whole lot less than I think they are worth. Still, when I add up the money required to keep them, the whole lot less becomes more appealing.

So the Eternal Herd is going to be diminished next week to some extent with at least the sire no longer being the stud. We shall see how it goes from there. His corral won't keep him away from the filly and the cost to house him safely is enormous as well. Yikes!

 Bye Ty and Xerxes colts and hello geldings! 

Berkshires SOLD

Berkshire Piglets( both boars), BOAR AND SOW TOO

The baby Berks are ready to go! Now barbeque size, future breeding boars. Tavy the sow and Simon the boar are also available. 

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Ladies PJ Party for Eight Just $99.00 per person per night plus GST

Book your PJ Party Early to ensure your time is available. 

The PJ Party includes accomodations for up to 8 ladies, complimentary robes and slippers, gift baskets for each guest, comfortable beds wtih quality linens and bedding, two lounge areas, board games, darts, walking trails, and breakfast for each day of the venture. If you want a quiet retreat to reconnect with old friends, this is the place. The tall trees, rushing brook, meadows and valley, chirping of song birds and the farm animals create a tranquil pastoral scene perfect for relaxation and renewal. Bring your study materials, fortune tellers or old videos, whatever you wish.

See you there!

Couples Retreat

Do you need a quiet place to get together with old friends and spend time with your signifcant other? We can accommodate four couples for a private retreat of relaxation, reconnection and sharing the love. Without television or internet, the real interaction begins. We offer clean and comfortable beds, quality linens, an extensive library of self help materials, the option of light massage, candle light baths, robes and slippers and gift baskets for each couple. Why not take a weekend off and relax in the country, walk the nature trails, visit the beaver pond, commune with the farm animals, and spend that much needed down time with your partner? Book early to ensure your date is available. 

Corporate Meeting and Guest Rooms

Book the guest house for a meeting? Sure!

Out of town corporate guests are always welcome at The Fat Ewe Farm. We can sleep 8 in shared accomodations or have three private bedrooms and two baths. Perhaps those who traveled a distance can enjoy the quiet comforts of the guest house and meet with the clients during the day in the house. How convenient and easy is that? Corporate guests are treated to complimentary gourment breakfasts, robes and slippers for their use while visiting us, clean and comfortable beds and quality linens, authentic vintage antique furnishings and soothing quarters, walking trails, tennis or badminton, board games and darts, and the option of booking a light massage for special relaxation. 

The rooms are based on a per person occupancy. The house can be booked for functions during the day. Please call or email for details. We look forward to having you as our guests on the Fat Ewe Farm!

Private Functions: Weddings, Funerals, Adult Birthday Parties, Anniversaries

The Guest House can be booked during the day for small private functions. Food must be catered and brought in as we do not have a catering license, but there is plenty of outdoor space for wonderful country get togethers and the house is available as well. The comfort capacity of the house would be 20-30 guests. Janitorial must be provided by the client or can be arranged by The Fat Ewe. A damage deposit is required and loss or damage will be charged to the client responsible for booking the facility. 

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We are thrilled that you have chosen The Fat Ewe for your honeymoon stay! To honour your union, The Fat Ewe will present you with a complimentary gift basket as a present for your marriage. Gift baskets may change with seasons, but  some offerings may be: home made organic soap, some organic massage oil, essential oil for scenting the massage oil if you wish or for adding to the bath or the oil burner, some bath salts, snacks and beverages. Thank ewe for sharing your wedding night with us. Blessings!

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